Zambia Gazette Vol. LII No. 6540 (30 December 2016)

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30 December 2016
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Anti Corruption Commission Act—Anti Corruption Commission (Disposal of Recovered Property) Regulations, 2004
Commissioner for Oaths Act—Appointment of Commissioner for Oaths

Lands and Deeds Registry Act:
Notice of Intention to Issue a Duplicate Document
Notice of Intention to Issue a Duplicate Document

Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority—Notice

Citizenship of Zambia Act—Notice of Intention to Apply for Registration
Money-lenders Act— Notices of Application for a Money-lender’s Certificate
Deed Poll—Notices

Statutory Instruments Issued as a Supplement to this Gazette

Income Tax Act—Income Tax (Pay as You Earn) (Amendment) Regulations, 2016
Value Added Tax Act:
Value Added Tax (Exemption)(Amendment) Order, 2016
Value Added Tax (General)(Amendment) Regulations, 2016
The Animal Health Act—The Animal Health (Veterinary Services Fees) Regulations, 2016